Free bonus poker games and strategies

Top online poker casinos are usually offering the set of huge bonuses and free bonus poker games for their players, but what bonuses are the most valuable? — This is the question to think about.

First of all, we have to realize that poker casinos are generating its income by collecting the percentage fee from every pot that is named rake. A lot of players are gambling online at the same time — that makes rake gains very important for generation of revenue. So, getting a lifetime poker customer is extremely desired by each casino and that is why you sometimes can get free poker bonus games with free chips as a present.

Best online poker bonus offers

Have you ever wondered which bonuses are the most valuable among others offered by casinos? Let’s take a look to the following list.

  • Welcome Bonus. It is the most popular method of attracting new customers used by all online poker casinos. Usually, it’s the percentage of extra money for your first deposit. Even in top casinos, it could reach 100-200% from your initial investment. So, you have a chance to raise money really quick; the usage of this bonus in top casinos such as Poker Stars or 888 could be the part of your free poker bonus games strategy.
  • Reload Bonus. Its requirements are different from exact casino rules, but generally, it’s the bonuses for recharge of your online game account or for frequent constant recharging at the certain period of time. It is not as valuable as welcome bonuses, but could be useful if you are the customer of one casino.
  • VIP-bonuses. They are the rewards for long-term membership in the online casino. It could be free chips or free poker bonus games in Texas 3 card poker, something from casino merchandise or even cars, cash case or holiday trips. It is necessary to check the requirements for the certain VIP bonus desired.

Free double double bonus poker strategy

If among all free online poker bonuses you’ve checked double double bonus poker and want to design your own strategy, you have to know that probabilities in double double bonus game are different form classic Jacks poker: 98.98% comparing to Jacks’ 99.54%. It means that every player is losing 1.02$ for each 100$ bet in the long term, but there are the ways how to compensate.

Key tips for effective double double free bonus poker games strategy:

  • Use the tables of correspondence of optimal bet and a combination you have;
  • Always max out if you have a combination;
  • Keep probabilities in mind;
  • Low Pair is Over Straight;
  • Don’t place max bet in advance, take it slow.

Strategic mind is the key factor of success almost in each game, which is why such conditional resource as online casino bonuses could be used effectively in your strategy on how to raise your money even playing poker games for fun.

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