3 Card Rummy game online

Three-card rummy can hardly be classified as one of the most popular gambling games among the Russian-speaking audience. However, it is in high demand among users from many other countries. And among our readers will probably find her fans. This article will talk about the online version of the card game, which offers a well-known company Betsoft Gaming.

Play online 3 Card Rummy

3 Card Rummy uses a standard deck of fifty-two cards without jokers. The virtual dealer necessarily shuffles them at the beginning of each hand. The goal of the game is to get less points in three cards than the dealer.

The calculation of points is made according to the following rules:

  • Cards from twos to tens are at face value;
  • Jacks, queens, kings – 10 points;
  • Aces – 1 point;
  • Any pair – 0 points;
  • Any three cards of the same face value – 0 points;
  • Two cards of the same suit with increasing face value – 0 points;
  • Three increasing in value cards of the same suit – 0 points.
3 Card Rummy game

You can only play one hand. The prime rate ante can be from one to a hundred credits. A bonus bet is also accepted, which is discussed below.

How to play 3 Card Rummy? (Interface)

In a nutshell, let’s explain what the inscriptions on the control panel mean:

  • Clear – to clear the field of chips.
  • Deal – get cards
  • Repeat – repeat bet
  • Fold – discard cards
  • Raise – increase stake to stay in the game
  • Help – show help
  • Sound On/Off – turn the sound on/off.

To select your stake, click on the chip with the appropriate denomination. Coins are available in the following ranges: 1, 5, 25, 100, 500.
In the help section there are three separate tabs: “rules”, “payout”, “tips and tricks”.

There are almost no settings. You can turn off the sound and expand the window to full screen. The main provisions of the rules are written directly on the layout of the table.
You will not download 3 Card Rummy because the game is designed to run in the browser.

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