features in online slot machines

Online gambling is constantly evolving and improving, so that the gaming process at online casinos is becoming more and more comfortable and enjoyable. We will talk about several features of slot machines that make the use of video slots as convenient as possible.

Starting instructions

When you start most of the slots popular brands, there is a screen with a description of the bonus features. Often this is an animated demonstration of free spins, unusual ways of forming combinations or unique prize options.

Less often there is a clear instruction to explain the functions of the basic elements of the interface, although such manuals are very handy for beginners. Note the screenshot, which reviewers Casinoz made in the machine Freemasons Fortune from Booming Games.

features in slot machines

Animated bonus demonstration

In many of today’s gaming machines there are incredibly spectacular prize rounds that have very confusing rules. Moreover, not always be able to participate in them, because they are launched rarely. How do you know whether the bonus is worth the wait?

Some manufacturers allow you to view a demo version of the prize game in a special section of the rules. Sometimes right on the control panel is a button that starts the reel on the main screen. Agree that this is convenient.

Different ways of selecting bets

Software developers may offer different ways to select the rate in slot machines. In the vast majority of models it should be equal on all lines involved, although there are slots in which the rates on individual strips can be different.

Usually you need to bet on a single line. Sometimes this requires specifying the number and value of coins, sometimes just the size in credits. If you like the game often change the amount at stake, you will like machines that have a separate panel with detailed parameters bets, and an additional box for quick selection.

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